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When it comes to bespoke furniture, we shy away from mass production techniques and focus on creating pieces designed to express our clients individuality.  We source the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for every commission we create, meaning that every piece we deliver not only delivers on style but also on build.

Handcrafted, Bespoke Joinery from M D & D

We approach each joinery project with the same guiding principle that we do throughout our build projects; that the end result should not only look aesthetically brilliant but it should also provide a solution to a lifestyle problem.  Whether that be creating one-off pieces of furniture to solve storage problems or hand-crafting entire kitchens, our aversion to mass market means that we have free rein to bring our clients design imagination to life.

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our highly-skilled carpentary team can help you create:

  • Hand crafted kitchens and bathroom furniture

  • Dining tables and chairs

  • Built in wardrobes

  • Bespoke furniture commissions

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"Owning a piece of handcrafted furniture is something rather special.  There's nothing quite like knowing that, whether it's a full kitchen or a single piece of furniture, that piece of bespoke carpentry was created just for you and truly is a one-off."

David Nicholls

Director of Design & Build

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