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Interior Inspiration: Shades of Grey Meets Winter Throws

As late-November hits we find ourselves in a limbo state that's not quite found festive cheer but we know we're fast tracking towards cold Winter nights. As the temperature heads towards zero we've been on the look out for this years must-have throws and there's a common theme coming to the's all about grey and we love it!

The clocks have gone back, Halloween's been and gone and Bonfire Night has had it's big bang. Unless you're one of those phenomenally organised people that finishes all your Christmas shopping by January 31st then now is usually the time when you start to think about who's made it onto the Christmas list and, of those lucky few that have made it, who's going to get what.

Home accessories are an easy go-to for anyone looking for Christmas gift inspiration and we've spent the last week honing in on this years must-have throws. Everywhere we've turned there's been another shade of grey and we certainly aren't complaining. Grey is one of the most unassuming yet versatile colours out there and adds a flare of modernity and sophistication to the Winter colour palette.

We've created the collection below that showcases our favourite finds of the season so far in the world of throws...



Whilst we shouldn't have favourites we can't help but love the Skull throw blanket featured on Zazzle. Whilst it's verging on very dark grey (perhaps straying into black) we couldn't help but include this beautiful piece in our Winter round up.

To find out where you can source any of the above items just click the links above and as Winter unfolds keep checking back in to see our next round-up of interior accessory must-haves.

If you are looking for interior design inspiration this Winter we would be happy to work with you to transform and refresh your property. Please do call us or message us via the website to discuss your project.

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